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About factory

The factory in Pazin is the company’s modern processing plant where stone blocks are processed into slabs, final products, cubes, solid elements and other demanding products that meet our customers’ most complex orders.

Materials from the following groups are processed:

  • limestones
  • marbles
  • travertines
  • granites
  • sandstones
  • quartzites

in a wide and varied range of products.

During stone processing we achieve a high degree of quality by applying the following technology:

  • 9 gang-saws for stone ( “SIMEC”, “BM” and “CARL MEYER”)
  • 4 monolamas “BM”
  • wire saw Bidese
  • disc with 1800 mm in diameter (“BISSO”)
  • line (“BRETON”) for drying, resination (epoxy coating) and retaining of gang-saw slabs
  • line (“BRETON”) for polishing, honing, brushing and sandblasting of stone gang-saw slabs
  • flaming line for stone and granite slabs (“FRACCAROLI & BALZAN”)
  • bush-hammering line for stone and granite slabs (“CARL MEYER”)
  • 2 automatic lines for the production of flooring and marmeton (“BRETON” and “SIMEC”)
  • linear milling machine (“DONATONI SX-3”) with 3 heads
  • “SIMEC” line for longitudinal and lateral cutting
  • 5 CNC milling machines with 5 axes (“BRETON” and “DONATONI”)
  • 7 milling machines with 3-4 axes (“BISSO” and “CMPI”)
  • line comprised of 3 machines for stone splitting (“BENETTI MACCHINE”)
  • stone “tumbling” machine (“RÖSSLER” and “KROMAS”)
  • scratching machine (“CAMPAGNOLA & FEDELI”)
  • 3 sandblasting machines (“COGEIM”)
  • machines for the shaping of rounded and straight edges (“MONTRESOR” and “COMANDULLI”)
  • CNC engraving and relief making machine
  • Water-jet cutting machine
  • drill (“PROTEC”)
  • 3 grinders for solid elements (“BISSO”)
  • and a stonemasonry workshop for expert manual processing

We offer the following stone surface finishes:

  • resinated (“epoxy” coating)
  • resinated with a PVC net (on the backside of slabs)
  • honed
  • polished
  • brushed
  • sandblasted to a max. width of 60 cm
  • sandblasted and brushed to a max. width of 60 cm
  • sandblasted and brushed with broken edges to a max. width of 60 cm
  • flamed
  • flamed and brushed
  • flamed with broken edges
  • bushammered
  • bushammered and brushed
  • machine chiseled (coarse and fine)
  • manually chiseled
  • chiseled and brushed
  • bushammered and brushed with broken edges
  • scratched (“graffiato” – we offer around 20 types) to a max. width of 60 cm
  • scratched and brushed to a max. width of 60 cm
  • wave scratched (“graffiato ondulato”) to a max. width of 60 cm
  • striped (“rigato” – 4, 6, 8 and 10 mm gaps) to a max. width of 60 cm
  • striped and brushed to a max. width of 60 cm
  • tumbled (to max. 40×40 cm)
  • manually embossed
  • machine split
  • and various combinations of the above mentioned processing methods
  • with cut and split edges…
  • with sharp, slightly beveled, sandblasted, bushammered… edges

Productional capacity of the sawmill and the production plant in the “Kanfanar” quarry is approximately:

  • 350.000 m2 gang-saw limestone and marble slabs
  • 300.000 m2 final limestone and marble slabs
  • 30.000 m2 final split products
  • 3.800 m3 final solid limestone elements…
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