Kamen d.d. Pazin


Meridiana Kamen Team

December 2020, a new contract was signed for the main sponsorship of the cycling club Meridiana Kamen Pazin. The idea of ​​sponsoring cycling in Istria and Croatia was born at a bicycle race organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company Kamen Pazin. Shortly afterwards, the "Kamen Pazin" cycling club was founded. These were the beginnings of cycling and awareness of cycling in Istria. A few decades later, a long-held dream of creating a professional cycling club was realized by merging BK "Kamen Pazin" and the Italian "Meridiana" into a new team called "Meridiana Kamen Team". Many top professionals have passed through the "new" club and top results have been achieved at national and international competitions. The new Agreement continues the cooperation between our company and "our" club with the aim of supporting the achievement of top sports results, which is also a reflection of respect for tradition, social responsibility and sensitivity for the development of this sport in Croatia.

Mediteranski kiparski simpozij Dubrova u Labinu

Meetings of artists over the past fifty years as part of the Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium art colony have created a representative collection of a monumental park of stone sculptures that fascinates with its permanence and beauty. Kamen d.d. Pazin is the main stone donor for this unique symposium held every year.

Međunarodna studentska kiparska škola Montraker

Montraker, an international student sculpture school, was founded in 1991, and in 1993 - from the moment the students of the Academy of Fine Arts from Bratislava joined the work - it took on an international character. In the old quarry in Vrsar, within fifteen days during the months of August and September, this sculpture school with five students, turns its ideas into stone. In addition to students, the sculptures are also presented by their mentor professors, and they are assisted in their work by professional stonemasons. Kamen d.d. is one of the main donors of stone for making sculptural sculptures of this international school.

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