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About the quarry

Selina characteristics

geological origins
Western Istria
annual capacity
6000 m3

The Selina quarry is named after the nearby village of the same name, located near Sv. Lovreč in central Istria. The extracted stone is a lower Cretaceous, Aptian limestone known commercially as: Selina, Kanfanar, Istarski žuti, Giallo d’Istria and Istrian Yellow. Quarried layers are stratigraphically identical to those in the Kanfanar quarry. Physically and mechanically it is one of the hardest varieties of limestone, processed mostly by sawing vertically into layers. It was used in the construction of many villas, houses, apartment buildings, public buildings, as well as for the paving of streets and squares in Croatia and around the World.

GPS coordinates: 45°09'00.4"N 13°47'15.8"E

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