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The 44th Mediterranean Sculpture Symposium was held in the Sculpture Park

„I observed already rare sculptors who by sharp chisel remove one after another part of hard curtain and shade from a stone block, as to, unpatiently, make appearance to a figure, a  good known shape, an object that transforms into a living symbol of human work. There is a long road from stone block to a piece of art. In order to reach that road, you need to have a good eye, mind, consistency – and overall – a spirit. (…)

– Josip Bratulić, philologist and historian of literat.

A spirit as an indelible track that rises from love towards and for the stone.

This kind of love is genuine and real, out of which something new will appear, while at the same time, the traditional element will be preserved, out of which that love has risen in the first place.

On every, including this one, 44th Mediterranean sculpture symposium in Sculpture park on Dubrova near Labin, we witness the renewal of love towards stone and postive energy between „MSS” and „Kamen”, who by mutual cooperation over the years praise tradition and value of stone.

The Sculpture park has now been enriched for two new sculptures – „Gaia” (Fingers) by a sculptor from Zagreb, Marina Bauer, for which „Kamen” has provided Marčana stone; and sculpture „Karst”, by an Austrian sculptor Stefan Esterbauer, carved from  our Selina stone.

We’re so proud that our stone always tends to be a part of this beautiful story and that our hardworking stone carver, Deni Krizmanić, who knows how to make the best out of stone, took part in creating these sculptures.

Objavljeno: 11. 8. 2022.

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